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Fire API

The Fire API enables you or rather the calling entity, the machine user to get all events of site if it has access to the partition of the site.

Concepts & Glossary

LocationA structure or part of a structure where a Device can be located
DeviceA Device can be any electronic equipment with some computing ability that has a firmware or supports the installation of software. Examples are pumps, dampers, valves, sensors, detectors, limit switches, remote/local switches or automation devices.
EventAn Event represents a non-normal (non-quiescent) state in building automation systems and is caused by an abnormal situation (technical: like fault, alarm, detector exclusion, range violation but also human: manually creating an alarm/task request/call).


Some devices are connected directly to the Building X cloud and some make use of other devices to manage the connection. When a device relies on another device to connect to the cloud, it has a relationship called hasGateway defined, referring to the device it uses as a gateway to Building X.


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