Getting Started

The Siemens Building X APIs enable you to get up to date information from your building. To use our APIs you need a Siemens Building X account and a connected building.

Are you interested in an customer account or in connecting your building? Contact Siemens Regional Support.

Do you already have an account and a building connected? Then:

  1. Login to API Manager.
  2. Go to Machine Users and create a new machine user. Make sure to note down your clientId and clientSecret. You also have the option to make note of one or more partitionIds that you want to use later.
  3. Now you are ready to proceed! Refer to Create a Token to learn how to create a token or navigate to one of our APIs to find out more

If you want to dynamically discover the Partitions your machine user has access to, please refer to the Accounts API Quick Start Guide.


You need to have the role Company Administrator to perform the above steps. If you cannot see the Machine Users menu, contact the administrator in your organization to help you perform the steps.


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