Using the API reference

The Building X developer portal features an API Reference to document the API operations and interactions. The reference is based on Swagger UI which is a popular tool to make OpenAPI readable for developers.

To use the API Reference you need to provide a partitionId and a valid JWT bearer token. To get what you need, perform the following steps:

  1. Login to API Manager.
  2. Go to Machine Users and either pick one to use, or create a new machine user. Make sure to note down your clientId, clientSecret and partitionId.
  3. Create a token by using the Generate token action (under the context menu of your machine user) or by using the Create a Token instructions

You can now use the API Reference to make requests by opening the API Reference and providing you information as described below


  1. In the input box partitionId paste your partitionId.
  2. Click the Authorize-button overview
  3. Paste your token into the input box in the modal dialog, click Authorize, then Close.

You are now ready to go! To perform an API operation, open the one of your choice. Then click Try it out, populate any required or optional input fields. Finally click Execute.


The API Reference Authorize procedure does not actually authorize you. So it is possible to pass an invalid token at this stage. The token is checked when performing the operations. If an invalid token is provided you will receive a Not Authorized or Forbiddenresponse depending on the problem.


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