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Enrich Building X with the innovations you create

The power of Building X is its ability to pull all the data from your different systems, put it into a single data pool, and then let you easily connect to it. This new level of connectivity opens up a world of possibilities for making buildings smarter.

Welcome to the Building X ecosystem

When you connect to the cloud, you're connecting to the future of smart buildings. Building X makes it easy, powerful, and cost-effective.

At Building X, Openness is a paradigm that thrives on collaborative innovation by providing open protocols and seamless integration through robust, use-case optimized, subscription-based APIs.

Open API Portfolio

Unlock the business value of data with a comprehensive API portfolio and cloud data exchange. Access building data in the cloud using familiar technologies, such as restful APIs and applied API standards, to build your own building applications as needed. It's our gateway to maximizing your building's potential and creating smart buildings that redefine performance and sustainability solutions.


Third-party apps

Choose the apps that help you perform your daily tasks and deliver tangible business results. Add different applications at different times as your smart building systems grow or change. For application developers, integration with Building X is easy and therefore affordable, making it our APIs suitable for new smart building applications.

A Platform for Innovation and Collaboration

With its openness and ability to connect users to unified building data, Building X unleashes the power of unleashes the power of collaboration to create a dynamic, market-leading smart building ecosystem.

  • Integration with Building X is simple and affordable, allowing applications to be created and deployed more cost-effectively.

  • Building owners benefit from a wider range of available applications at a lower total cost.

  • Service providers can leverage data and applications to create new, smarter offerings for their for their customers powered by Building X.

  • Through its reach and accessibility, the Building X ecosystem continues to drive innovation and collaboration, accelerating the future of intelligent buildings.


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