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Security Manager Access PACS SDK

Building X's existing customers rely on on-premise legacy Physical Access Control Systems (PACS). These systems hold valuable data, which we can import. For more details, please have a look into the SDK documentation.

The Security Manager Access PACS SDK is a comprehensive Software Development Kit tailored for software developers from both partners and end customers. It caters to those seeking to seamlessly integrate 3rd party access control systems into Building X.

Key Benefits

Our PACS SDK serves as a robust toolset enabling smooth and efficient integration of 3rd party access control systems into Building X.

  • The PACS SDK allows the integration of any 3rd party access control system into Building X, tailored to meet diverse customer requirements.
  • Experience advanced Access capabilities to enrich your software applications.
  • One SDK provides a unified approach for seamless integration with 3rd party access control systems.
  • Detailed documentation supports developers throughout the development process.


To request the Security Manager Access PACS SDK, please click here


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