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COMOS for the integrated management of plant projects ensures that engineers and operators can access all project-relevant data at all times, across all company levels, and in all project phases. It offers a seamless flow of information by providing a common database. COMOS lays the foundation for greater reliability in decision-making and more efficient processes throughout the entire plant.

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The COMOS Web REST API is available for COMOS Web. It is a REST-style, HTTP-based API used to interact with COMOS data and to access COMOS features. This will give you the option, for example, to reuse parts of COMOS Web in your own web client or to use it for non-interactive data exchange.

The API supports standard operations like Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) and is used for dedicated COMOS functionalities, e.g.:

  • Creating working layers and COMOS objects
  • Reading project / working layer information
  • Reading, updating and deleting COMOS objects
  • Reading document revision information
  • Downloading / uploading documents
  • Performing check-ins, check-outs and revision steps on documents

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