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Get All Areas API

The organization hierarchy includes campuses, buildings, floors, and areas. Areas are assigned on a floor grouped by department or functional expertise to illuminate specific or large spaces.

An area on a floor is a grouping of a subset of devices, including Gateways, Sensors, Enlighted Room Control (ERCs) Switches, Plug Loads, etc. All sensors in the area are configured as Zonal Sensors to return occupancy status.

This API returns area details for all areas on a floor. The Area ID returned for each area is used as the primary identifier in other API calls.


GET https://{em_ip_address_or_hostname}/ems/api/org/area/v2/list/{floor_id}



em_ip_address_or_hostnameThe Manage's IP address or hostname
floor_idFloor identifier. Use the Get All Floors API, or in EM, select Facility > Floor > in the left panel, and click the Settings tab to obtain the Floor ID.


id**Area identifier (**used as the primary identifier in other API calls)
nameArea name as described in the EM (Enlighted Manage)
descriptionArea description as described in the EM. The field will be empty if there is no description entered in the EM.
zonesensorenableThe area has been activated as a zonal sensor area. Refer to Enable Zonal Sensors. The area starts reporting consolidated occupancy status information from individual sensors. true – Sensors in the area are enabled as zone sensors. false – Sensors in the area are disabled as zone sensors.

Sample Request

Send a request to return the list of all areas on the first floor. For example, if the first floor has two areas: Hardware and Software, the details of the areas and their corresponding Area IDs: ‘9’ and ‘27’ will be returned for the floor with Floor_ID '1'.


Sample Response

  "area": [  
    "id": "9",
    "name": "Hardware",  
    "description": "hw eng", 
    "zonesensorenable": "true",  
    "id": "27",
    "name": "Software",  
    "description": "sw eng",  
    "zonesensorenable": "false",  


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