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Set Area Emergency API

During an emergency, this command automatically sets the lighting level for all fixtures in the area to a maximum level of 100% (full-on), so the area is well-lit.


POST https://{em_ip_address_or_hostname}/ems/api/org/area/v1/setEmergency/{area_id}?time=60


Path Parameters

em_ip_address_or_hostnameThe Enlighted Manage IP address or hostname.
area_idArea identifier. Use the Get All Areas API, or in EM, select Facility > Floor > Area in the left panel, and click the Settings tab to obtain the Area ID.
status0 – Lights are on to a maximum level of 100% or fully-on. 1 – Lights are off.

Sample Request

The Get All Areas API returns the list of all areas and area IDs. For example, if a floor has two areas: Hardware area-ID ‘9’ and Software area-ID ‘27’, the user can set all lights in the area with ID '9' to 100% max. light level. 

Sample Response

  "status": "0"


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