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Apply Scene

Apply a scene to a group of fixtures controlled by a Switch. Each set of light level settings for fixtures is called a scene. For example, in a conference room, default scenes include

  • Scene 1: Lights off (All Off) when a projector is used.
  • Scene 2: Lights on (All On) during a meeting.

Execute the Get Switch Scenes API to get the Scene ID number for the scene you want to apply.


POST https://{em_ip_address_or_hostname}/ems/api/org/switch/v1/op/applyScene/{switch_id}/{scene_id}


Name Description
em_ip_address_or_hostname Manage’s IP address or hostname
switch_id Switch identifier (returned in Get Switch Scenes API).
scene_id Scene identifier (returned in Get Switch Scenes API).
id Scene identifier
status 0 – Success; Other than ‘0’– Failure
Failure codes:
1 – Switch not available
2 – Switch group not available
3 – Fixtures and plugloads not available in the switch group
4 – List of associated fixtures and plugloads in the switch group empty
-1 – Failure condition

Sample Request

Retrieve the Switch ID and Scene ID (returned in Get Switch Scenes API). Use the Scene ID number for the scene you want to apply. For example, apply the scene 'All Off' with Scene ID ‘158’ associated with Switch with ID '7'. The response ‘0’ indicates that the 'All Off' scene was applied to the switch successfully.


Sample Response

  "status": "0"


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