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Get Scene Light Levels for a Switch

A Switch Group controls the light levels of selected fixtures. Each set of light level settings for fixtures is called a scene. Up to a maximum of six scenes can be created. Each fixture in a scene can have different light levels to achieve the desired effect.

The API returns the scene light levels for the group of fixtures controlled by the scene.


GET https://{em_ip_address_or_hostname}/ems/api/org/scene/v1/list/getSceneLevels/{scene_id} 



em_ip_address_or_hostnameManage’s IP address or hostname
scene_idScene identifier. Returned in Get Switch Scenes API. Get Switch Scenes


idFor internal use.
switch_idSwitch identifier.
scene_idScene identifier. Up to a maximum of six scenes can be defined.
fixture_idFixture identifier of the fixture for which the scene applies.
lightlevelReturns the light level (0-100%) for each fixture for the scene.
- 0% - Light level is set to off.
- 100% - Light level is set to full-on.
scenecolorCurrent color temperature value in Kelvin degrees

Sample Request

Use the Get Switch Scenes to obtain the Scene ID. Then, request the scene light levels for the fixtures using the Scene ID. For example, if Scene ID '157' is returned by the Get Switch Scenes use the Scene ID to return the light levels for the scene.


Sample Response

  "sceneLevel": [
    "id": "6",
    "switchid": "7",
    "sceneid": "157",
    "fixtureid": "885",
    "lightlevel": "100",
    "sceneColor": "3200"
    "id": "9",
    "switchid": "7",
    "sceneid": "157",
    "fixtureid": "886",
    "lightlevel": "60",
    "sceneColor": "3600"


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