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Conference Room APIs

A Switch Group controls a group of sensors or fixtures' light level levels in a room. Each set of light level settings is called a scene. Use the Conference Room APIs to apply scenes, view the list of available scenes, and so on.

For example, in a conference room, typical configured scenes associated with a Switch Group may include:

  • Scene 1: Turn off the lights directly in front of the screen before a presentation.
  • Scene 2: Turn off or dim the lights on the perimeter of the room, and
  • Scene 3: The lights directly above the viewers are set to a level bright enough to be able to take notes.


Use the Conference Room APIs to

  • View all Switch Groups by floor.
  • View scenes and light levels of a Switch Group.
  • Apply a scene to a group of fixtures controlled by a Switch.
  • Manually override a fixture or sensor profile settings associated with a Switch.


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