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DALI Emergency APIs

Enlighted supports Emergency Lighting fixtures equipped with DALI Part 202 (IEC 62386-202) compliant "Self-contained emergency lighting" drivers. These are battery-backed-up drivers, which will automatically cause the fixture LED to become illuminated to the emergency light level when there is a loss of power. The DALI Emergency APIs in this section provide a mechanism where an external application can test the emergency drivers and the condition of their battery packs. The results of those tests are reported back to the external application for the generation of reports to indicate that regular testing has been performed on the emergency lighting system.

The Emergency Lighting APIs allow the external application to send Emergency Lighting commands or get Emergency Lighting status from specific sensors in the system. You can send these commands to sensors or fixtures designated as emergency fixtures connected to the DALI emergency driver. You can initiate an emergency fixture test and request the test results after the test has finished. While the fixture is performing the emergency test, you will not be able to perform any lighting control operations on the fixture.

Only a single DALI type 1 emergency driver can be connected to an Enlighted sensor. In this way the granularity of the system is such that the there is one sensor per emergency fixture and one emergency driver per emergency fixture so that there is no ambiguity in locating an emergency driver that has failed the testing.

When the sensors are running the emergency lighting test, they are displayed as a distinctive orange icon on the floor plan of Manage. You will see the list of sensors running the emergency test in the Sensor tab under Devices.

Note: JSON is the only accepted MIME type for the DALI Emergency APIs


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