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Set Emergency for all Fixtures

During an emergency, this command automatically sets the lighting level for all fixtures controlled by Manage to the maximum level of 100% or full-on, so the floor is entirely lit up.


POST https://{em_ip_address_or_hostname}/ems/api/org/em/v1/setEmergency?time=60


Name Description
em_ip_address_or_hostname Manage IP address or hostname
time The emergency duration time. Set to 60 minutes by default
status 0 – Lights are on to a maximum level of 100% or full-on;
1 – Lights are off

Sample Request

Using the IP address, set all lights to full on for 60 minutes during an emergency.

POST https://{}/ems/api/org/em/v1/setEmergency?time=60

Sample Response

  "status": "0"


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