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Start the Functional or Duration Test for a Fixture

When this API call is issued, the sensor sends a message to the connected DALI driver to initiate a Functional or Duration test on the fixture. You can only send this command to sensors or fixtures designated as emergency fixtures.

The Functional test checks the unit's functionality to ensure that the lamps and circuitry are all working correctly. The Duration test allows the device to change to emergency mode, checking for the lamps and the circuit's status to ensure that the device is working correctly.

Since you will not be able to perform any lighting control operations on the fixture during this time, set the fixture light level before starting the test. Otherwise, the fixture will stay at the light level it was when the test was started. Use the Manual Override for a fixture API to set the fixture light level. Likewise, set the fixture color temperature prior to starting the test using the Change Color API.

Include the Fixture ID of the sensor controlling the fixture in the PUT request. Use the Get Sensor Details by Floor API to obtain the Fixture ID. The driver begins executing the Functional or Duration test when it receives the request. The API returns OK to indicate that the Enlighted Manage (EM) has sent the sensor's start test command.


PUT https://{em_ip_address_or_hostname}/ems/api/org/fixture/v1/{fixture_id}/emergencyMode
    "emergencyMode": "..." 




fixture_idSensor or Fixture ID. Use the Get Sensor Details by Floor API API to obtain the Fixture ID.
emergencyMode16 – Start Functional test (DALI command 227, referencing 8-bit value for DALI Command 250).
32 – Start Duration test (DALI command 228, referencing 8-bit value for DALI Command 250).
emFixtureStatusURI for the API user to request the emergency fixture status of the fixture to confirm fixture status change
Status200 – The Enlighted Manage has sent the Start test command to the sensor.
400 Bad Fixture ID – Invalid Fixture ID, please correct and try again.
403 Bad Request – The user does not have permission to issue this API call.
404 Not found – This Fixture ID does not represent an emergency fixture. This function is only supported only by emergency fixtures, please select an appropriate Fixture ID.
409 Conflict – Fixture is performing an Emergency Lighting test. Stop the current test and try again.
500 Internal Server error – Oops, it looks like this sensor is offline, it has not been heard for more than 15 minutes.  Please resolve the issue and try again.  If the sensor is powered and the issue persists, this could indicate a wireless network problem where the sensor is out of range or interfered with by another RF source.

Sample Request

Start the functional test (16) on the emergency fixture with the Fixture ID '28'. The API returns status code 200 OK to indicate that the Enlighted Manage has sent the start test command to the sensor with Fixture ID '28'.

    "emergencyMode": "16"

Sample Response

    "emFixtureStatus": "ems/api/org/fixture/v1/28/emFixtureStatus"


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