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Assign Profile

Assigns a light profile to the fixture. The fixture will operate with the new behavior.


POST https://{em_ip_address_or_hostname}/ems/api/org/fixture/v1/op/assignProfile/{fixture_id}/{group_id}


em_ip_address_or_hostnameThe Enlighted Manage (EM) IP address or hostname
fixture_idThe fixture or sensor identifier. Use the Fixture ID returned in the Get Sensor Details by Floor API or in EM, select Facility > Floor in the left panel, Floor Plan tab, and double-click the fixture icon in the floor plan to obtain the Fixture ID.
group_idEach light profile is assigned to a unique group identifier. The profile group identifier is returned in the Get Sensor Profiles API.
status0 – Profile assigned successfully to the sensor
-1 – Profile not assigned to the sensor
MsgError message description. For example, “either fixture or group does not exist. Please provide valid inputs”.

Sample Request

The sample code shows how to assign a profile to a fixture. Assign a new profile to the fixture using the Fixture ID returned by the Get Sensor Details by Floor and Profile Group ID returned by the Get Sensor Profiles.

For example, apply the light profile Open Office Max 70 with GroupId ‘27’ returned in the Get Sensor Profiles to the fixture with ID ‘28’.

The response indicates that the profile has been assigned successfully to the fixture.


Sample Response

  "status": "0"


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