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Get Fixture Dim Level by Floor

This API returns the 'current' dim level of fixtures on a floor. The API uses pagination with the ‘page’ query parameters to paginate through the items in a collection.

The sensors are classified into the following four types:

  1. Emergency sensors: Sensors designated as emergency fixtures in Manage
  2. Desk sensors: Sensors designated as desk sensors
  3. Fixtureless sensors: Sensors do not control lights; includes desk sensors and sensors used for location accuracy
  4. Fixtured sensors: Sensors that control lights; excludes 'fixtureless' and includes ‘emergency’ sensors

Note: Light levels can be dimmed only for emergency and fixtured sensors.


GET https://{em_ip_address_or_hostname}/ems/api/org/sensor/dimlevel/list/floor/{floor_id}?class={class}&page={page_number}



em_ip_address_or_hostnameThe Enlighted Manage (EM) IP address or hostname
floor_idFloor identifier. Use the Floor ID returned in the Get All Floors API, or in Enlighted Manage (EM), select Facility > Floor in the left panel, and click the Settings tab to obtain the Floor ID.
classSelect the class of sensors to be returned:
• 'emergency' (only returns sensors designated as emergency fixtures in Manage)
• 'desk' (only returns sensors designated as desk sensors in EM)
• 'fixtureless' (only returns sensors designed as fixtureless in EM, will be fully inclusive of desk sensors; returns ‘-1’ as dimlevel)
• 'fixtured' (returns sensors used for lighting, exclusive of fixtureless, completely inclusive of ‘Emergency’)
pageThe page for which data will be retrieved. Twenty (20) records are returned per page


idFixture identifier
dimlevelMost recent dim level of the fixture, updated every 600 seconds (5 minutes); 0-100%
pageThe page currently being returned; integer
recordsTotal number of resources recorded across all pages; integer
totalTotal page count to return all resources for the request; no max, integer

Sample Request

Request the current dim level details for fixtures on the first floor with Floor ID ‘1’. Suppose the first floor has 115 fixtures, and the user requests the fourth page of 5 pages. The API returns the dim level for the first 20 fixtures on the floor.


Sample Response

   "dimlevel": "37",
   "id": "80"
   "dimlevel": "85",
   "id": "79"
 "page": "4",
 "records": "115",
 "total": "6"


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