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Get Sensor Details

This API reports information for an individual sensor at every five-minute interval. The data for the last five minutes of the sensor is reported.


GET https://{em_ip_address_or_hostname}/ems/api/org/sensor/v3/details/{fixture_id}


Name Description
em_ip_address_or_hostname The Enlighted Manage (EM) IP address or hostname.
fixture_id Sensor identifier. Use the Sensor ID returned by the the Get Sensor Details by Floor, or in EM, select Facility > Floor in the left panel, Floor Plan tab, and double-click the sensor icon in the floor plan to obtain the Sensor ID.
id Sensor identifier
name Sensor name. For example, Sensorxxxxxx
power The average load of the fixture in watts for the last five-minute interval
temperature Temperature in Fahrenheit
lightLevel Returns the light level (0-100%) information of the fixture
0% - Light level is set to off
100% - Light level is set to full-on
version Plugload version number.
voltage Plugload voltage.
active true – Plugload working.
false – Plugload not working.
lastCommunicationTime Time of last communication from the sensor (YYYY-MM-DD 24HH:MM)

Sample Request

Using the sensor ID returned by the Get All Sensor Details by Floor API, request data such as power, temperature, and light level settings from the sensor with ID ‘28’. For example, request data for the last five minutes for the sensor with ID ‘28’.


Sample Response

        "id": "28",
        "name": "Sensor00ce56",
        "power": "69.07",
        "temperature": "74",
        "lightLevel": "50",
        "lastCommunicationTime": "2015-07-21 15:21"


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