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Get Sensor Energy Consumption by Area

Returns the aggregate energy consumed in watt hour by all fixtures in the area for the last 15 minutes.


GET https://{em_ip_address_or_hostname}/ems/api/org/fixture/v1/energy/area/{area_id}


Name Description
em_ip_address_or_hostname The Manage IP address or hostname
area_id Area Identifier. Use the Area ID returned in the Get All Areas API, or in EM, select Facility > Floor in the left panel, and click the Settings tab to get the Area ID.
energy Reports aggregate energy consumed in watt-hour for the last 15 minutes by the lighting fixtures in the area

Sample Request

Send a request to Enlighted Manage using the Area ID returned by the Get All Areas API. The API returns the energy consumed in watt-hour for the last 15 minutes for all fixtures in the area.


Sample Response

  "energy": "250.96"


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