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Energy and Environment APIs

The Enlighted lighting solution optimizes energy savings while enhancing occupant productivity, well-being, and security. Manage server stores sensor, status, and fault data from fixtures in the building, allowing users to configure fixture lighting behavior and monitor energy consumption and device status.

Manage supports standard REST-based APIs, including XML and JSON message formats. Developers can write applications using REST APIs to query and retrieve information from Manage. The sample responses to the web services are in JSON or XML format. Users must be authenticated to send or receive API requests to and from Manage. Learn about User Authentication for APIs.

The Energy and Environmental APIs are complimentary with the purchase of Connected Lighting or IoT sensors and do not require additional licenses. The Occupancy APIs require Sensor license and API license.


After user authorization, the APIs allow users to monitor energy consumption, BACnet health and turn lights on during an emergency, obtain organization, floor, area, and fixture details. The Demand Response APIs contribute to energy load reduction and savings during peak demand time.



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