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Set Plugload Status API

Sets the managed plugload status to ON or OFF.


POST https://{em_ip_address_or_hostname}/ems/api/org/area/v1/setPlugloadStatus/{plugload_id}/{status}


Name Description
em_ip_address_or_hostname The Manage IP address or hostname.
plugload_id Plugload identifier. Use the Plugload ID returned in the Get All Plugloads by Floor API, or in Manage, double-click the plugload icon in the floor plan to obtain the Plugload ID.
status Set to ‘0’ to turn off or ‘1’ to turn on the plugload
status 0 – Plugload turned off
1 – Plugload turned on

Sample Code

Using the Plugload ID '361' returned by Get All Plugloads by Floors, set the plugload to ON. The response is successful which means the plugload is turned on.


Sample Response

  "status": "0"


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