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Getting Started

The Streaming API uses the same Authentication & Authorization mechanisms as the RTLS API. Simply follow the instructions here and provide the same Authorization and x-dsp-selected-tenant-role headers when establishing the websocket connection.

To ensure that a client’s credentials remain valid for the duration of the connection, clients will have to update their credentials at a regular cadence, or they will be disconnected. See the refreshCredentials command and refreshSuccess event for more details on how to keep the credentials up-to-date.

The Location Intelligence APIs use Machine-to-Machine Authentication and Authorization with OAuth2.0 client credentials flow.

End-user requests Enlighted for API access.

Once approved, Enlighted will email the end-user with a Client ID and Client Secret.

Request Auth0 service for a Bearer token using a Client ID and Secret provided by Enlighted.

Example request for Bearer Token

curl --request POST \
--url \
--header 'content-type: application/json' \
 --data '{"client_id":<client_id>,"client_secret":<client_secret>,"audience":"","grant_type":"client_credentials"}'


   "access_token": <access_token>,
   "token_type": "Bearer"

Connection parameters

The following parameters can be provided as query string parameters when establishing the connection to the streaming API in order to control the connection:

enterpriseIdintN/AThe ID of the enterprise to subscribe to data for. Must be provided
floorsstring (can be provided multiple times to select multiple options)N/ASet of floors to subscribe to data from. If not provided, no filtering is applied
eventTypesstring (can be provided multiple times to select multiple options)All event types except floorExitThe eventTypes to subscribe to
tagHeartbeatIntervalint (must be between 300 and 86400)14395How frequently (in seconds) to receive tagHeartbeat messages


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