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Location Services (RTLS) APIs

The Location Intelligence (LI) APIs are RESTful HTTP APIs. The APIs provide access to tags such as Asset and Badge tags. Tags correspond to track objects in the Location Intelligence BlueGPS application.

The BlueGPS application uses data from Enlighted Manage to track tags as they move around on a floor. The Enlighted physical Asset Tags have an Attention button on the front and a Tamper button on the back. The application’s event monitoring feature detects conditions configured in the application and triggers events. The tags send Tag event messages when the Attention button is activated on the physical tag for events such as a low battery or when the Tamper button is activated.

Due to the volume of data transfer from the tags to the application via Manage, users can reduce data congestion in the network for receiving API responses. Users must configure the Bluetooth Tag settings in Manage by choosing sensor data reporting intervals and selecting which sensors must report data to reduce network congestion. Refer to Bluetooth Tag Settings.


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