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Occupancy APIs

A RestAPI call to Manage will provide the most recent area (zonal) occupancy status in the Manage database? Correct?

Yes. When an area is enabled as a Zonal area and API License (EM-API-OCC) has been purchased based on the number of sensors configured in the system, you can expect sub-minute end-to-end latency.

Does placing a sensor into an Area and enabling Zonal Occupancy enable the sensor to start reporting occupancy events immediately?

Yes. The sensor reports area occupancy status. Refer to Enable Zonal area to enable sensors in an area to report occupancy.

If Zone Sensor is enabled, will a zoned sensor report an occupancy event immediately to Manage server? Will it report a vacancy event 90 seconds after the most recent occupancy detection?

Yes. The sensor sends Area Occupancy Status to Manage by Real-Time packet, sent when the Area Occupancy Status: occupied (1) or unoccupied (0) event occurs. When the event occurs, a counter of 90 seconds starts on the sensor. An API License (EM-API-OCC) is required for the sensor to send real-time occupancy.

If a sensor was placed into an Area, but Zonal Occupancy was not enabled, will the sensor still report Occupancy status?


Does a zonal sensor only report the first occupancy event in the vacancy state, or does it report each time it detects motion?

The sensor will report Occupancy Status via Real-Time packet every 90 sec as long as the sensor continuously detects motion.


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