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Occupancy APIs

The Occupancy APIs support real-time space management and space utilization use cases. Occupancy APIs require a Sensor License and API License based on the number of sensors configured in the system. Customers must purchase and install the licenses to remain in compliance. Refer to the License Types and Product codes.

With these APIs, users can seamlessly retrieve occupancy data as occupied vs. unoccupied for an area, all areas on a floor, and detect if a desk is occupied or unoccupied. In addition, users can obtain movement data of people within a building or space based on sensor triggered events at every five-minute interval.

Things to know:

  1. Purchase Sensor License and API License
  2. Sensors in an area must be activated as zonal sensors to report occupancy data. Read Enable Zonal Sensors.
  3. Desk sensors report occupancy status only when the sensor and Facility are assigned to 'Desk Sensor' Fixture Type. Read Enable Desk Sensors (Surface Sensor, SU-5i-USB).


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