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Enlighted APIs

The Enlighted lighting solution optimizes energy savings while enhancing occupant productivity, well-being, and security.

The Enlighted APIs comprise

Occupancy APIs

Enlighted Occupancy APIs allow developers, students, or analytics teams to analyze information related to the presence of people in a building, their movement patterns, and other related metrics. Occupancy APIs can be used to access data for analyses in BI Tools or to operationalize data with other technology for automating real estate decisions or processes.

Refer to Enlighted Occupancy APIs.

Location Services APIs

Enlighted Location Intelligence leverages Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) asset tags and the Enlighted lighting system for indoor asset tracking. These BLE tags communicate with Enlighted sensors, which use the received signal strength indicator to predict tag locations. This location prediction is powered by a refined deep learning model within the Enlighted Location Engine. The solution provides real-time insights into the location and movement of assets within a building. The data collected is managed in the Intelligent Workspace Intelligence Platform, supporting asset tracking applications and Business Intelligence (BI) reporting tools.

Refer to Enlighted Location Services REST APIs.

Refer to Enlighted Location Services Streaming APIs.

Energy & Environment APIs

Manage server stores sensor, status, and fault data from fixtures in the building, allowing users to configure fixture lighting behavior and monitor energy consumption and device status. The APIs allow users to monitor energy consumption, BACnet health and turn lights on during an emergency, obtain organization, floor, area, and fixture details. The Demand Response APIs contribute to energy load reduction and savings during peak demand time.

Refer to Enlighted Energy & Environment APIs.


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