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Industrial Asset Hub

Siemens Industrial Asset Hub (IAH) simplifies industrial asset management by combining proven device management methods in a scalable, open, and secure cloud service that discovers, identifies, and manages industrial assets across industrial enterprises, regardless of vendor or type.


Figure: OT management big picture

How does Industrial Asset Hub work

IAH enables the users to discover all OT devices that can be reached from a gateway device in the industrial producer’s respective on-site installation. The discovery happens independent of device type and vendor where the IAH service reports status and inventory information in the device specific format through a common and stable API as well a cloud-based web UI centrally to the user.

After the discovery, the users can identify devices via respective Asset Link based on comprehensive device and status information. These device and status information comprise vendor, device type (e.g., PLC, HMI, network router) order number, serial number, MAC addresses of the network interfaces as well as software, firmware, and hardware versions. All information is collected in the centralized inventory list that can be manually extended by the user with custom fields. The inventory list is accessible using IAH’s web dashboard application but can as well be integrated seamlessly into any dashboard solutions, central IT asset management systems, or other applicable systems by utilizing its integrated and well-documented API. This way, IAH users gain transparency of device inventory and have access to the device state information and installed firmware versions at anytime and anywhere in the world, just by accessing the right APIs.

Industrial Asset Hub Building Blocks

Industrial Asset Hub (IAH) consists of three focal components (technical view):

  1. A centrally hosted cloud-service (SaaS, also referred to as “backend service”), encompassing and exposing all capabilities to support the users. These capabilities can be reached via a web-based UI application and well-documented and openly accessible APIs.
  2. A gateway software (also referred to as Asset Gateway), which is hosted on premise to route information and servicing functions to the backend service. The communication between the Asset Gateway and backend service is established with firewall-friendly protocols.
  3. A selection of Asset Links (also referred to as “ALs”), which act as middleware, between the Asset Gateway and the field devices.

The Asset Gateway and one or more Asset Links are hosted on Industrial Edge devices, SCALANCE LPE devices, or as docker-compose on any machine which can run containers.

Developer Resources

Learn how to use the Industrial Asset Hub and start integrating it with your enterprise services. Create solutions on top of the Industrial Asset Hub database.

Developer DocumentationDeveloper Documentation.

Device Builder Resources

Device Builders and equipment provider can integrate their assets with the Industrial Asset Hub by providing an so called Asset Link supporting their equipment.

Device Builder Quick StartDevice Builder Getting Started.
Device Builder GuideDevice Builder Guide

Device Builder - Industrial Asset Hub Software Development Kit

The Industrial Asset Hub Software Development Kit provides templates, binaries. I addition an CLI allows the integration with automated test infrastructures.

Industrial Asset Hub Software Development KitDevice Builder templates, binaries and CLI.


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