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AnalyzeMyMachine /Condition

Integrate the values (equability, backlash, friction, stiffness, quadrant error, signature, frequency response) generated from mechanical measurements of single axis or group of axes of a machine tool system into your process and application landscape. Use APIs to query measurement/measurement group configurations and measurement results to build your own system.

Be notified whenever a measurement test execution is completed by the machine tool system and get event data about execution results and further details.

How MQTT and REST APIs can be used together to integrate the app into your Enterprise application landscape

AnalyzeMyMachine /Condition REST API

Fetch all measurement configuration, group configuration and results generated from machine tools' mechanical fingerprint (synchronous REST API of the app accessible at runtime on the Edge Platform).

Please find the definition of Analyze My Machine / Condition REST API here.

AnalyzeMyMachine /Condition Async API (MQTT)

Subscribe to measurement results and be notified in machine tool with execution results and details (asynchronous communication of messages published at runtime via the MQTT protocol)

For the definition of the MQTT messages for the asynchronous communication, please see operating manual on chapter 7 (MQTT Support).

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