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Industrial Edge

What is Industrial Edge?

Siemens Industrial Edge (IE) is an open, ready-to-use edge computing platform, with edge devices, edge applications (apps) and connectivity through an integrated app and device management infrastructure. It allows you to easily connect, manage and operate globally distributed edge installations, with your own or the diverse apps available through the Industrial Edge Marketplace.

Industrial Edge Ecosystem

The Industrial Edge Ecosystem is for your implementation and usage, if you are an industrial producer or machine producer. You can connect, create, deploy and scale your industrial use case using the Industrial Edge platform in combination with apps, devices and solutions from the Industrial Edge Ecosystem. You may also develop your own apps and deploy them via the Industrial Edge Management.

Industrial Edge Devices

A wide range of Industrial Edge devices makes it easy to deploy edge computing in your production environment: You can use SIMATIC controllers and HMIs with integrated edge functionality, use IPCs and virtualized systems, and obtain certified edge devices from our Industrial Edge Ecosystem partners.

Industrial Edge Device website

Industrial Edge Apps

Customers can develop and deploy their own apps, or buy ready-made apps and existing connectivity from the catalogue on the Industrial Edge Marketplace. These apps from Siemens and Ecosystem partners work for more than 90 % of automation systems.

Find all available Industrial Edge apps here: Industrial Edge Marketplace

Developer Resources

Learn how to use Industrial Edge and start developing your own apps.

Developer DocumentationDeveloper Documentation.
Developer GuideIntroduction to industrial Edge Development
Industrial Edge API ReferenceIndustrial Edge APIs and References
Industrial Edge API GuidesAPI How-tos (Authentication, Configuration, Deployment....)
Industrial Edge Playground RegistrationRequest Access for the Industrial Edge Playground
GitHubIndustrial Edge on GitHub

Device Builder Resources

Device Builders can build own device offerings based on Industrial Edge. This includes the development of the device, the integration of the Industrial Edge packages, system tests, support and maintenance of the device offered within the Ecosystem. As a Device Builder, they are partner of the Industrial Edge Ecosystem and can provide added value by selling their Industrial Edge Devices to all participants.

Device Builder Quick StartDevice Builder Quick Start.
Device Builder GuideDevice Builder Guide

Device Builder- IE Device Kit API

The IE Device Kit API provides the abstraction layer that decouples the Industrial Edge Runtime from the underlying Linux systems. This allows to adapt the runtime and its behavior to serve for the specific needs of different Industrial Edge products.

The IE Device Kit API is based on gRPC which provides a modern intermediate process communication style for building distributed applications and microservices. The Industrial Edge platform provides and maintains the protobuf specification files for the APIs contained in the IE Device Kit. These protobuf specifications can be used to create stub implementations for both client and server in various programming languages. The Industrial Edge Runtime ships with a client side implementation of these APIs and expects the host system to provide a server side implementation.

IE Device Kit System ServiceSystem Service is a gRPC & Go based system resource tracker and system controller.
IE Device Kit Onboard ServiceOnboard Service is a gRPC & Go based Edge Core activator. This service communicates with all other services and provides the necessary configurations for the Edge Device to successfully onboard to Industrial Edge Management system.
IE Device Kit Ntp ServiceNTP Service is a gRPC & Go based NTP configurator microservice for Edge Devices.
IE Device Kit Network ServiceNetwork Service is a gRPC & Go based network configuration microservice. The network settings of the Edge Devices are configured through this service.


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