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MindConnect-NodeJS - CLI


The library comes with a command line interface which can be used to upload timeseries, files and create events in the InsightsHub. It can also be used to create starter projects, list, create and delete assets, aspect and asset types, manage users and groups, create data lake permissions etc.

Installation via npm package manager

You will need node.js installed on your computer as prerequisite.

npm install -g @mindconnect/mindconnect-nodejs

See also getting started section of this documentation

Binary Releases

The library can also be downloaded as executable from the GitHub release page.

Download the version for your system and place it in folder which is in your PATH.

  • mdsp.exe for windows
  • mdsp-macos for macOS
  • mdsp-linux for Linux

Linux, macOS: Rename the file to mdsp and make sure that the file is marked as executable (chmod +x).

Agent Commands

Command Description
mdsp onboard onboard the agent with configuration stored in the config file
mdsp configure-agent create data source configuration and mappings (optional: passkey) *
mdsp agent-token displays the agent token for use in other tools (e.g. postman)
mdsp upload-timeseries parse .csv file with timeseriesdata and upload the timeseries data to InsightsHub
mdsp upload-file upload the file to the InsightsHub file service (optional: passkey) *
mdsp create-event create an event in the InsightsHub (optional: passkey) *
mdsp agent-status displays the agent status and agent onboarding status *
mdsp create-agent create an agent in the InsightsHub *
mdsp offboard-agent offboards the agent in the InsightsHub *
mdsp renew-agent renews the agent secrets *
mdsp register-diagnostic register agent for diagnostic *
mdsp get-diagnostic get diagnostic information *
mdsp unregister-diagnostic unregister agent from diagnostic *

IoT Bulk Commands

Command Description
mdsp prepare-bulk creates a template directory for timeseries (bulk) upload *
mdsp run-bulk runs the timeseries (bulk) upload job from directory *
mdsp check-bulk checks the progress of the upload jobs from directory *
mdsp download-bulk download the timeseries data in bulk from InsightsHub *
mdsp delivery-jobs manage mqtt delivery jobs to publish MQTT commands to the clients *

Assets, Files and Event Handling Commands

Command Description
mdsp asset-lock lock/unlock asset model modifications *
mdsp asset-info get infos about asset *
mdsp assets list, create or delete assets *
mdsp asset-types list, create or delete asset types *
mdsp aspects list, create or delete aspects *
mdsp event-types list, create or delete event types *
mdsp events list, create or delete events *
mdsp events-bulk download or delete the events in bulk *
mdsp aggregates list timeseries aggregates *
mdsp timeseries list timeseries *
mdsp notifications send email, sms and push notifications *

InsightsHub Open Edge Device Management Commands

Command Description
mdsp oe-device-types list, create or delete device types (open edge) *
mdsp oe-devices list, create or delete (open edge) devices *
mdsp oe-device-status list, get, or update (open edge) device status information *
mdsp oe-app-inst list, create, configure or delete app instance (open edge) *
mdsp oe-app-deploy list, create, update app installation task(s) (open edge) *
mdsp oe-deploy-workflow list, create/instantiate, update or delete/cancel workflow deployment model or instance(s) (open edge) *
mdsp oe-firm-deploy list, create, update firmware deployment task(s) (open edge) *

Tenant Management Commands

Command Description
mdsp tenant create or delete tenant legal configuration and logo *
mdsp subtenants list, create or delete subtenants *

Deprecated Commands

Command Description
mdsp list-assets list assets in the tenant *
mdsp delete-asset delete asset with id from InsightsHub *
mdsp list-files list files stored with the asset *
mdsp download-file download the file from InsightsHub file service *
mdsp delete-file delete the file from InsightsHub file service *

Identity and Access Management Commands

Command Description
mdsp identity-management manage InsightsHub users, groups and roles *
mdsp policy list, create or delete policies *
mdsp service-credentials provide login for commands which require technical user credentials *
mdsp service-token displays the service token for use in other tools (e.g. postman) *

Integrated Data Lake and Semantic Data Interconnect Commands

Command Description
mdsp data-lake manage data lake, data lake access permissions and STS tokens *
mdsp sdi-data-lakes manage data lakes for SDI *
mdsp sdi-data-registries manage data registries for SDI *
mdsp sdi-iot-registries manage iot data registries for SDI *
mdsp sdi-data-types manage data types for SDI *
mdsp sdi-file-upload upload file to SDI *
mdsp sdi-ingest-jobs manage ingest jobs for SDI *
mdsp sdi-search-schemas search SDI schemas *
mdsp sdi-data-queries manage data queries for SDI *
mdsp sdi-execution-jobs manage data execution jobs for SDI *
mdsp sdi-ontologies manage ontologies for SDI *
mdsp sdi-ontology-jobs manage ontology jobs for SDI *

Mobile Apps, Message Broker, Workorder Commands

Command Description
mdsp mobile-apps list, create or delete mobile apps *
mdsp mobile-app-instances list, create or delete mobile app instances *
mdsp message-broker manage message broker subscriptions and webhooks *
mdsp workorder list workorders *

Data Analytics Commands

Command Description
mdsp spectrum-analysis perform spectrum analysis on a sound file @
mdsp signal-validation perform signal validation @
mdsp signal-calculation process timeseries data *
mdsp trend-prediction perform trend prediction (linear/polynomial) @
mdsp kpi-calculation calculate kpi states or compute kpis @
mdsp event-analytics analyze InsightsHub events @
mdsp models list, create or delete analytic models *
mdsp jobs list, create or stop jobs *
mdsp schedules list, create, start, stop or delete job schedules *
mdsp data-exchange list, upload, download and manage data exchange files and directories *
mdsp anomaly-detection train anomaly detection models and detect timeseries anomalies *

Developer Support Commands

Command Description
mdsp dev-proxy starts InsightsHub development proxy & (optional passkey) *
mdsp mqtt-createjwt creates a signed token for opcua pub sub authentication #
mdsp starter-ts creates a starter project in typescript #
mdsp starter-js creates a starter project in javascript #
mdsp markdown-help generates folder with markdown help commands for the CLI*


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