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mdsp kpi-calculation Command


mdsp kpi-calculation


mdsp kpi-calculation --help

Alternative form:

mc kpi-calculation

(The CLI was using mc as default command name in older versions)


calculate kpi states or compute kpis @


Parameter list:

Usage: mdsp kpi-calculation|kp [options]

calculate kpi states or compute kpis @

 -f, --file timeseries file (default: "timeseries-sample.json")
 -c, --calendar timeseries with planned outages
 -e, --events timeseries with control system events
 -m, --mode [direct|states|kpis] mode see @ Additional Documentation
 -t, --target target variable
 -f, --from timeseries begin (used for direct state calculation)
 -o, --to timeseries end (used for direct state calculation)
 -i, --assetid Asset id (used for direct state calculation)
 -a, --aspectname Aspect name (used for direct state calculation )
 -n, --initialstate Initial state [RSH, SH, POH, FOH] (default: "RSH")
 -d, --defaultstate Default state [RSH, FOH] (default: "FOH")
 -h, --threshold threshold parameter (default: "1.0")
 -s, --shutdown shutdown threshold parameter in milliseconds (default: "5000")
 -y, --retry retry attempts before giving up (default: "3")
 -p, --passkey passkey
 -v, --verbose verbose output
 --help display help for command


Here are some examples of how to use the mdsp kpi-calculation command:


 mdsp kpi-calculation --mode states --file timeseries.mdsp.json --calendar calendar.mdsp.json --target rpm --threshold 30 
 calculate kpi states based on rpm
 mdsp kpi-calculation --mode direct --target rpm --assetid 123...ef --aspectname EngineParameters --from --to 
 calculate kpi states based on asset data in Insights Hub
 mdsp kpi-calculation --mode kpis --file states.mdsp.json --target state 
 calculate kpis for state timeseries

 State KPIs:

 No Data Hours (NoData), Period Hours (PH), Available Hours (AH) Service Hours (SH) 
 Reserve Shutdown Hours (RSH), Unavailble Hours (UH), Planned Outage Hours (POH) Forced Outage Hours (FOH) 

 Additional Documentation:

 Example Jupyter Notebook:

See Insights Hub API documentation for more information about Insights Hub APIs.


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