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mdsp upload-timeseries Command


mdsp upload-timeseries


mdsp upload-timeseries --help

Alternative form:

mc upload-timeseries

(The CLI was using mc as default command name in older versions)


parse .csv file with timeseriesdata and upload the timeseries data to Insights Hub


Parameter list:

Usage: mdsp upload-timeseries|uts [options]

parse .csv file with timeseriesdata and upload the timeseries data to Insights Hub

 -c, --config config file with agent configuration (default: "agentconfig.json")
 -r, --cert [privatekey] required for agents with RSA_3072 profile. create with: openssl genrsa -out private.key 3072
 -f, --file csv file containing the timeseries data to upload to Insights Hub
 -s, --size max records per http post (default: "200")
 -n, --no-validation switch validation off (only if you are sure that the timeseries upload works)
 -y, --retry retry attempts before giving up (default: "3")
 -v, --verbose verbose output
 -h, --help display help for command


Here are some examples of how to use the mdsp upload-timeseries command:


 mdsp ts -f timeseries.csv upload timeseries from the csv file to Insights Hub 
 mdsp upload-timeseries --file timeseries.csv --size 100 use http post size of 100 records 

 Data Format: (use your own data point ids from Insights Hub)

 timestamp, dataPointId, qualityCode, value
 2022-11-06T01:51:14.192Z, DP-Temperature ,0, 20.34
 2022-11-06T01:51:15.192Z, DP-Humidity, 0, 70
 2022-11-06T01:51:16.192Z, DP-Pressure, 0, 1012.3

 Make sure that the timestamp is in ISO format. The headers and the casing (timestamp, dataPointId) are important.
 The values must correspond with data types configured in Insights Hub (in example: DP-Humidity must be an integer)


 You have to configure the data source and data mappings in Insights Hub asset manager before you can upload the data
 See also:

See Insights Hub API documentation for more information about Insights Hub APIs.


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