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TypeScript SDK - Overview

The library comes with the typescript SDK which can be used to access Insights Hub APIs.

It implements support for both frontend (browser e.g. angular, react...) and backend development in node.js while supporting different Insights Hub authentication types.

Frontend: - Browser (Session, Cookies)

Backend (node.js): - UserCredentials - AppCredentials - ServiceCredentials - Insights Hub Agents

The SDK implements the Clients for following APIs:

Platform Core APIs

Name SDK - Client Command
Identity Management
Resource Access Management1
Oauth Authorization
Tenant Management
Token Management
Message Broker2 (preview)
Usage Transparency

1 In the first stage of the availability Resource Access Management must be enabled for the tenant via Insights Hub support team.

2 Message Broker is only available on preview tenants

IoT and Storage

Name SDK - Client Command
IoT File
IoT Time Series
IoT TS Aggregates (v3, v4)
IoT TS Bulk
Integrated Data Lake


Name SDK - Client Command
Agent Management
MindConnect API
Commanding API (sync)

Advanced Services

Name SDK - Client Command
Asset Management
Event Management
WorkOrder Management
Visual Flow Creator

Analytics Services

Name SDK - Client Command
Anomaly Detection
Data Exchange
Event Analytics
Job Manager
KPI Calculation
Model Management
Signal Calculation
Signal Validation
Spectrum Analysis
Trend Prediction

MindConnect Open Edge

Name SDK - Client Command
Device Management
Device Status
Deployment Workflow
Device Configuration
Edge App Deployment
Edge App Instance Management
Firmware Deployment

Semantic Data Interconnect

Name SDK - Client Command
SDI Data Management
SDI Data Query
SDI Semantic Modelling

The example below shows how to use the SDK from browser:

// The example shows how to Get Assets from Insights Hub with custom AssetType
// using frontend authentication
// you can pass an instance an Authorizer
// (BrowserAuth, UserAuth, CredentialsAuth, TokenManagerAuth, MindConnectAgent)
// to use different authorization types in Insights Hub or implement the TokenRotation
// interface if you want to provide your own authorizer.
// The default constructor uses frontend authorization.

const sdk = new MindSphereSdk();
const am = sdk.GetAssetManagementClient();

const assets = await am.GetAssets({
    filter: JSON.stringify({
        typeId: {
            startsWith: `${tenant}`,

// you will get fully typed assets in response

If an API is missing (and you would like to contribute a client for it), take a look at contributing to SDK.


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