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Rules Management Service


Rules management allows you to configure, read, delete, and update rules. It is mainly designed for the Insights Hub Monitor Rules wizard, but allows other applications to directly manage rules by calling the respective endpoints.


This is only applicable for Region Europe 1.


For accessing Rules Management service you need to have the respective roles listed in Insights Hub Monitor Roles and Scopes.


A rule is always defined for multiple assets of the one asset type and contains a list of evaluations. An evaluation is an expression that evaluates to be true or false. If all evaluations evaluate to true for one asset's properties, then all active actions included in the rule are triggered if the rule itself is active.

An evaluation includes a property (which reflects an aspect variable), a condition, and comparative values. They can also include additional instructions called "hysteresis" and "debouncing" to define how to handle spikes or other timeseries anomalies.


Rules Management exposes its API for realizing the following tasks:

  • List the Rules
  • Create Rules
  • Update Rules
  • Delete Rules

For more information and examples, refer to the following:


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