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Visual Flow Creator Service


Visual Flow Creator is a software for visual data flow programming in IoT (Internet of Things). Nodes are predefined blocks of functionality. You can interlink and add nodes in the working area and combine them to produce a "flow".

Visual Flow Creator API service can be used to create, update, retrieve, delete and other functionalities for the data flows.


This is only applicable for Region Europe 1.


For accessing Visual Flow Creator service you need to have the respective roles listed in Visual Flow Creator Services.

A user can only interact with objects within their tenant and subtenants.


The Visual Flow Creator API service can be used to create, update, retrieve and delete projects and nodes which belong to projects. It also supports triggering nodes of type inject which means that users can directly start flows using the API.


Visual Flow Creator exposes its API for realizing the following tasks:

  • Projects management
  • Nodes management
  • Flows triggering


The following are the limitations of Visual Flow Creator:

Example Scenario

You can integrate Visual Flow Creator API to your own application in order to access the specific VFC functionality and execute some of the preset flows which are useful for your application.

Create a Project

You can create a project with the provided project name using the POST request.

For more information, see Create Project.

Get the list projects of the specified user

You can return a list of projects of the given user using the GET request. If no user is specified, an error will be returned.

For more information, see Get Projects List.

For more information and examples, refer to the following:


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