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Trend Prediction Service – Sample Application

This section provides a sample application, which can call the Trend Prediction endpoints.

  1. Create the following files with the provided content for a simple HTML/js sample application:

    • index.html for the page layout
    • main.css for page style
    • main.js for the methods to call model training and the model reasoning as well as hard-coded test data
  2. Create an empty Staticfile and an empty manifest file so the folder looks like this:

    Folder Structure

  3. Fill the manifest file with the content below:

    - name: trendpredict3
      instances: 1
      host: trendpredict-t3
      memory: 64m
  4. Deploy the sample application to Cloud Foundry as described in Running a Cloud Foundry Application. Make sure to assign it the mdsp:core:analytics.user role.


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