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Agent Management Async API


Agent Management Async API defines topics and message structures to request agent access tokens. The agent access token enables MQTT agents to perform other RESTful operations such as getting asset types, aspect types, large file upload, and writing to IDL. For further information about the Agent Management Async API, refer to the Agent Management Async API specification.


The Agent Management Async API is currently available in region Europe 1.


For accessing these APIs, you need to upload your CA Certificate. For more information, refer Managing CA Certificates.

The agent platforms using this API must support MQTT.


Agent Access Token Scopes

Agent Access token has the role mdsp:core:DefaultAgent which has the scopes listed in Agent Access Token roles and scopes.


The Agent Management exposes its Async API to MQTT agents for realizing the following tasks:

  • Request agent access token.
  • Receive the result of an agent access token request.


  • There are frequency limits per environment and per client for published and received messages.
  • Agent Access Token is valid for one hour. After its expiration, agents need to acquire a new agent access token to continue using Industrial IoT services.

Example Scenario

The MQTT agent needs to exchange large data files with Insights Hub. Sending this through the MQTT broker increases the load for active messages as well as imposes a limitation on the size of the file. The broker and the protocol itself have message limits that are far lower than some use cases. This can be reduced by allowing the agents to directly access the MindConnect API.


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