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MindConnect MQTT - Usage quota and limits

MindConnect MQTT APIs are restricted with following limits.

API EndpointThrottling/Restriction CriteriaXXS (S4F)XSSMLXL
Post caCertificatesRequests in 30 Seconds122222
Post caCertificatesRequests in 1 Hour101010101010
Get caCertificatesRequests in 30 Seconds31010101010
Get caCertificatesRequests in 1 Hour303030303030
Get caCertificates/{id}Requests in 30 Seconds21010101010
Get caCertificates/{id}Requests in 1 Hour203030303030
Delete caCertificates/{id}Requests in 30 Seconds122222
Delete caCertificates/{id}Requests in 1 Hour101010101010
Post caCertificates/{id}/verifyRequests in 30 Seconds122222
Post caCertificates/{id}/verifyRequests in 1 Hour101010101010
Get caCertificates/{id}/registrationCodeRequests in 30 Seconds122222
Get caCertificates/{id}/registrationCodeRequests in 1 Hour101010101010
Post agentCertificatesRequests in 30 Seconds11010101010
Get agentCertificatesRequests in 30 Seconds53030303030
Get agentCertificatesRequests in 60 Seconds304040404040
Get agentCertificates/{id}Requests in 30 Seconds23030303030
Get agentCertificates/{id}Requests in 1 Hour204040404040
Delete agentCertificates/{id}Requests in 30 Seconds155555
Delete agentCertificates/{id}Requests in 1 Minute102020202020


Rate Limits can cause discontinuity in the use case flow. Ensure to check the rate limits before implementing APIs.


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