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Troubleshoot errors with Resource Access Management

Error scenarios

All the possible error details like Http Status code, error code and messages are specified in Resource Access Management API Specification

General issues

Scenario: Policy activated, but not taking effect


Policy is activated, but somehow not taking the desired effect, i.e. APIs are not honoring the fine-grained access check on certain resources.


Policy enforcement for the given environment is not enabled.


To enable or verify the Policy enforcement on a given environment, contact support team. This enforcement may take up to 1 hour to reflect the change.

Scenario: Policy for resource subsections


For resource hierarchy scenarios, a user expects that a subsection of resources are given access through a single resource specified in the Policy.


The parameter value for Propagation Depth may not be set correctly.


Set the Propagation Depth value as -1 so that the given resource and all its descendants are included in the eligible resources.


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