API rate limits

IoT Timeseries are restricted with following limits.

API EndpointUnitTimeframeXXS (S4F)XSSMLXL
IoT TS Aggregate V4 - GetNos1 Minute207001400280028005600
IoT Timeseries - PatchNos1 Minute61020303030
IoT Timeseries - GetNos1 Minute3015001500210036004800
IoT Timeseries Bulk (Bulk Import) - PostNos1 Minute250100150200400
IoT Timeseries Bulk (Bulk Import) - GetNos1 Minute10250500100020004000
IoT Timeseries Bulk (Read) - GetNos1 Minute30100200300500800
Timeseries Inbound Bandwidth (KB)KB1 Second0.110001000200030005000
Timeseries Read Bandwidth (KB)KB1 Second0.2300040005000800010000


Rate Limits can cause discontinuity in the use case flow. Ensure to check the rate limits before implementing APIs.


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