Version 4.x - What's New?

The IoT Time Series (TS) Aggregates Service is designed to quickly and easily facilitate the visualization of time series data on Industrial IoT. This service or API creates aggregated summaries of numeric time series data and provides interfaces to read them. As a result, this allows applications to retrieve smaller data sets that cover a longer time period with better performance than processing all the raw time series data.

For example, an aspect could create new data every second, which adds up to ~2.5 million records per month. An application could use the IoT TS Aggregates Service to get a summary for each day of the month, obtaining only 30 records.

The focus of version 4.x centers around improved usability through advanced intelligent features and new functionalities such as:

  • All query parameters are optional except assetId and aspectName
  • If not provided by user, parameter intervalValue and intervalUnit gets calculated automatically using from and to date
  • Added new parameter count to specify the number of aggregates a user needs
  • Asset and Aspect ids as query parameter
  • Support for ISO date formats
  • Removed limit on records and added limits on duration and number of calls

At the same time, introduced the limits on the time frame of data returned and the number of calls per minute allowed in the system to keep consistent performance of the response and continuity of the service.

LimitsV3 apiV4 api
Maximum 200 aggregate results in responseYESNO
Internal limit of 5000 recordsYESNO
'minute' aggregate limit : 48 hoursNOYES
'hour' aggregate limit : 31 daysNOYES
'day/week/month' aggregate limit : 366 daysNOYES
On the flyYESNO
Simulation AssetYESNO
Date format HandlingNOYESEnhanced ISO format

It is recommended to migrate the applications and use the newer features of the version 4.x.

For information on how to use the 4.x API, please refer Samples for v4.x.


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