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Industrial IoT SDK for Python - Error Handling

Understanding how and when the Industrial IoT SDK for Python throws errors is important to build high-quality applications using the SDK. The following sections describe the different scenarios in which errors are thrown by the SDK and how to handle them appropriately.


MindsphereError is the most common error that you'll experience when using the Industrial IoT SDK for Python. This error represents an error response from a Industrial IoT service.

MindsphereError provides you with information such as:

  • Returned HTTP status
  • Returned error details
  • Detailed error message from the service
  • Reference to the occurred error

Structure of MindsphereError

Name Description
message Error message
error Error code (if returned by API)
http_status HTTP status
log_ref Logger reference (if returned by API)

Subclasses of MindsphereError

Subclass Parent Description
MindsphereServerError MindsphereError Indicates an error at the API endpoint. For example, if user tries to call an API with invalid values for mandatory parameters.
MindsphereClientError MindsphereError Indicates an error due to missing parameter values in a request. For example, if user tries to call an API with NULL values for mandatory parameters.
MindsphereClientConfigurationError MindsphereClientError Indicates an error due to incorrect configuration parameters. For example, if a developer sets an incorrect value for the proxy or proxy port.
MindsphereForbiddenAccessError MindsphereClientError Indicates that no valid token can be retrieved with the provided credentials.


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