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With PlantSight we combine the real and the digital worlds through an Evergreen Digital Twin Open Ecosystem with easy access for everyone and linked to real time performance indicators showing up-to-date plant information from anywhere and at any time.

How everyone benefits from PlantSight

Aggregate & verify

Lack of data integrity leads to unplanned downtime equipment & process failures. By aggregating the data acquired from different sources, PlantSight builds data integrity to ensure the quality of the information users look into; helping them to generate knowledge.

Automated workflows

Workflow automation is key when it comes to keep the Digital Twin up to date. By reducing the manual interaction, the possibility to make errors is reduced.

Consolidated data for engineering & operations

Plant operations include a big amount of engineering projects, therefore being able to consolidate at any time the engineering and operational data is key to remove silos and ensure optimal operations.

Competent teams that drive operations

As a work force is being retired, we need to ensure that, operations teams are still competent to drive operations in an efficient and safely manner. Our always updated immersive environment, provides access to the industrial metaverse to make sure our users build competent teams in a cost-efficient manner, which reduces safety risks and unplanned downtime while increasing sustainability.


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