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Limitations and Known Issues

The following list identifies the most common use cases that are not yet available via the Polarion REST API:

  • General

    • Get the specific revision ID of an object requested in the Head revision.

    • Enhance collection endpoints to optionally provide results in a specific Revision.

    • Enable the REST API for only a specific set of Users in a read-only/full-access mode.

    • Get the metadata of a given object (mainly the list of all OOTB + custom fields and their attributes).

    • Get information about the current version of Polarion and the REST API configuration.

    • Trigger a PDF export of objects that already support it via the UI.

    • Introduce a user-friendly way to work with an object's history.

    • Enable the use of eSignatures via the REST API.

  • Administration

    • The majority of the Administration topics are not yet available through the REST API.

    • The exceptions (with varying levels of coverage) are:

      Enumerations, Icons, Licenses, Project Templates, Projects, Roles, User Groups, and Users.

  • Baselines

    • The Polarion REST API has not yet covered this topic.

    • Support both Project and Document Baselines.

  • Build Management

    • The Polarion REST API has not yet covered this topic.
  • Collections

    • The Polarion REST API has not yet covered this topic.
  • Documents

    • Get a list of all Documents filterable by a query.

    • Derive a Document/update a derived Document.

    • Use Word/ReqIF Round-trip.

    • Delete a Document or a Document Attachment.

    • Copy a Document with a different title.

    • Compare/merge Documents.

    • Move Work Items to the Recycle Bin.

    • Work with all elements that can be present in a Document as Document Parts.

    • Work with Document Approvals.

    • Get the Wiki Content section as already processed HTML instead of just its code.

  • Enumerations

    • Certain object field types are not supported in the current version and cannot be read or updated via the REST API. Those object field types are:

      • OOTB Object Enumerations - Builds, Collections, Project Groups, Time Points, and Wiki Pages.

      • Object Enumerations based on Custom Enumeration Factories like the Work Item Enumeration.

    • Some specialized attributes of some Enumeration types are not yet supported.

      • i.e., for Link Role Enumeration - attributes like Opposite Name/Parent and the "Rules for link role" section.
    • Access and change the configuration of the Dependent Enumerations.

      • List of all Enumerations configured for a given level (repository/project).
    • Support for Custom Fields.

  • Icons

    • Delete an Icon.
  • Jobs

    • Get a list of all Jobs.

    • Execute a Job.

  • Licenses

    • Get License usage statistics.

    • Get/set License Assignments for all Users all at once.

  • Pages

    • Get a list of all Pages filterable by a query.

    • Work with repository-level Pages.

    • Get all Attachments of a Page.

    • Post/delete a Page, including its Home Page Content.

    • Get all Attachments of a Page.

    • Delete a Page Attachment.

    • Work with Page Comments and Watches.

  • Plans

    • Get Plan Statistics.
  • Project Groups

    • The Polarion REST API has not yet covered this topic.
  • Spaces

    • The Polarion REST API has not yet covered this topic.
  • Test Management

    • Provide a stand-alone Execute Test Case action.

    • Delete Test Record Attachments.

    • Work with Testing/Test Step Table Configuration.

  • Time Points

    • The Polarion REST API has not yet covered this topic.
  • Users

    • Change the license of a User who already has one assigned.

    • Get a list of all User Roles/User Groups.

    • Delete a User.

    • Work with User Roles/Groups.

  • Variant Management

    • The Polarion REST API has not yet covered this topic.
  • Wiki Pages

    • Polarion REST APIs will not cover this topic because it is a feature that is being phased out.
  • Work Items

    • Provide an action to Duplicate a Work Item.

    • Get Rich Text field content as processed HTML instead of its source code.

The Polarion REST API is actively being developed, and our main focus for future Polarion releases is to cover as many gaps identified in the above list as possible. This list is internally being maintained based on the feedback we receive from you, and it will be updated with every Polarion release.


Call to Action!

If you identify a specific gap that is blocking you from implementing your use case with the Polarion REST API, no matter if it is on the above list or not, please file a Support Ticket on Support Center and describe the use case and the gap. Our Support Engineers will analyze your request and track it in our system. Your reports greatly affect the overall priority we use to decide which gap will be covered next.


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