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Empowering Your CMMS with the Product Information API 🚀

Mitigate the risk of functional obsolescence and maximize plant availability with our cutting-edge Product Information API. Get concrete action recommendations and identify potential supply bottlenecks early on, ensuring seamless operations. Stay informed about innovative features in successor products, unlocking optimization opportunities for your business. Experience the ultimate solution for proactive management and continuous improvement.


  • Efficient Search Capabilities: Simply search for products by their product number, and let our API provide you with crucial information to make informed decisions.

  • Availability Horizon Insights: Stay ahead with real-time data on product availability horizons, ensuring you can plan effectively for your business needs.

  • Successor and Substitute Products: Discover successor and substitute products that can seamlessly replace your current products in the future, allowing for smooth transitions and continuous operations.

Unlock the full potential of our Product Information API, and experience the convenience of an all-in-one solution for managing product lifecycles and securing your business's future success.


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