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Train API

The Train API allows you to retrieve near real-time information about rolling stock assets in your fleets. Railigent X uses cloud technology to normalize asset information across your fleets, and deliver it to you in a well-defined structure.

Data Flow

Why Data services via an API?

Following the Data as a Service (DaaS) paradigm, Data services packages give you a convenient way of obtaining live vehicle data in near real-time via a machine-to-machine interface. You can then process this data in your own business applications, according to your own business needs.

We provide a growing number of standardized data services packages for vehicle owners and operators.

Your Benefits:

  • Receive asset data in near-real time in order to optimize operations
  • A clearly documented API makes it easy to integrate data into your systems
  • Once set up, flexibly order additional data service packages

Available Data Services Packages

Currently, you can order the following Data services packages:

Basic Vehicle Information

The Basic Vehicle Information package comprises the following data points from rail vehicles, together with a timestamp:

  • GPS position (latitude / longitude)
  • Speed
  • Mileage
  • Vehicle ID
  • Trip ID
  • UIC number

This package is aimed at operators and owners of all types of rail vehicles.

Occupancy Information

Occupancy Information is an optional data package. For passenger vehicles, it provides the degree of occupancy of a wagon (or vehicle, in case the vehicle uses Jacobs bogies), in percent.

This package is an optional add-on to Basic Vehicle Information. It is aimed at operators of passenger vehicles.


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