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Digital transformation for sustainable mobility – with Railigent X

One key to advancing sustainable transportation is to digitally increase the capacity of rail systems – with less resources.

Railigent X is the suite of applications that supports this goal. It enables rail operators, maintainers, and asset owners to better understand data, analyze assets, and derive actions. Resulting in enhanced operation and maintenance for up to 100% system availability.

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Quick facts at a glance

Why is it time for Railigent X?

Railigent X helps speed up action on the journey to decarbonized mobility. It marks the next logical step that follows Railigent. As an open ecosystem with our customers and partners, it supports your efforts to:

  • Get more from your rail system with less resources and energy
  • Accelerate digital transformation that combines the real and the digital worlds
  • Connect, analyze, and optimize rail assets as a whole
What tasks does Railigent X support?

Railigent X offers data-driven solutions and decision support for:

  • Optimized operations
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Lifecycle management of assets and the entire system
Who benefits from Railigent X?

Railigent X supports:

  • Rail operators
  • Maintenance providers
  • Asset owners, e.g., leasing companies for vehicle fleets
What if you already have your own applications in place?

Railigent X is scalable in several stages and is therefore open for any type of use:

  • With Data as-a-Service, all relevant data generated in the rail assets is available to you in a structured form via standardized application programming interfaces (APIs). You can integrate them into your own application environment to get a comprehensive overview of vehicles and rail infrastructure.
  • It’s also possible to use Insights as-a-Service. This includes AI-supported trend analyses and predictive models that are also open for integration into existing applications.
  • Another option: Railigent X provides rail-specific applications via Software as-a-Service. Larger players can selectively add these services to interoperate with their own application environment on demand
How do Railigent X users profit from Siemens Xcelerator?

Siemens Xcelerator takes an easy, open, and flexible approach to solving challenges. It’s an open digital business platform that enables customers to accelerate their digital transformation – faster, easier, and at scale.

Railigent X shares the same mindset as Siemens Xcelerator. This facilitates co-creation and collaboration with – and between – our partners and customers.

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Where you’re coming from: Typical challenges in the rail industry

Image Reduce maintenance costs

Reduce maintenance costs

Railigent X offers applications and data services that support you with predictive maintenance. It allows maintenance costs to be reduced by up to 15%.

Image Cut the costs of delay

Cut the costs of delay

By combining all relevant data from the entire rail system, Railigent X helps reduce the costs caused by delays by up to 40%.

Image Enhance availability and reliability

Enhance availability and reliability

Railigent X supports a holistic view of rolling stock and infrastructure – for optimized operations, up to 100% system availability, and up to 10% greater reliability.

Image Increase capacity – digitally

Increase capacity – digitally

Railigent X combines asset data, insights, prediction models, and recommendations – this adds up to better network utilization and up to 100% occupancy.

What you get: Scalable solutions and the power of choice

Railigent X leverages state-of-the-art technologies for connectivity, data analytics, data-driven workflows, and decision support.

The power of choice is always yours! Based on your existing data and application environment, you can select from:

  • Asset data as an input for your systems (Data as-a-Service)
  • AI-supported component analyses and predictive models (Insights as-a-Service)
  • End-to-end support deployed in AI-powered applications (Software-as-a-Service).


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