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Design Systems

iX - Siemens Industrial Experience

Siemens Industrial Experience is an open-source design system for designers and developers to consistently create the perfect digital experience for partners and customers.

iX Design Libraries are built for UX designers. They can be used to rapidly create consistent prototypes to support the exchange of ideas with your stakeholders and developers.

iX Components are built for developers with native web technology. Adopt the major frameworks for seamless integration into your products and use the tech stack you need to build your UI and website.

Industrial icon system with 500+ icons. Integrate our growing and comprehensive icon system for industrial applications using web fonts or SVGs.

ix design system

Learn more about Industrial Design System at

Web Package Manager GitHub @siemens/ix packages are available on npm. siemens/ix

Try out on your own using iX playgrounds.

User Experience Toolkit for Insights Hub and Industrial IOT

The User Experience Toolkit describes a design language for the overall look and feel of Insights Hub and Industrial IoT. The toolkit contains a collection of patterns, best practices, and products to support you in developing Industrial IoT web applications with a cohesive and consistent look and feel. The toolkit is meant to be used by both designers and developers.

UI Design & Patterns This is an evolving collection of patterns, principles and best practices. It is the starting point for developers and designers who want to build high-quality Industrial IoT applications.

The CSS Framework lets you add the look and feel to your Industrial IoT web application. It is a modern, flex-box based CSS framework optimized for cross-device usage.

System Icons The icon-font is a collection of over 150 system icons adopted for the Industrial IoT ecosystem. Easy to integrate by adding only two CSS selectors to an HTML element.

OS Bar The OS Bar connects all Insights Hub and Industrial IoT applications on a user-interface level. It is used for showing the logo, app name, important tenant information and ensures a consistent cross-application navigation for the user.

Theme Pack for Mendix aligns yous Mendix UI with the Insights Hub and Industrial IoT Design System.

Learn more about User Experience Toolkit for Insights Hub and Industrial IOT at

Web Download and CDN Mendix Marketplace Download Insights Hub and Industrial IoT Mendix components are available on Mendix marketplace.


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