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If you are looking for a web based visualization library that can handle a variety of technical documents, you might want to check out TwoDC. TwoDC is a powerful and versatile library that can render a variety of technical documents and media files.


TwoDC can handle various formats of documents:
- ​Interactive and evaluating COMOS reports (CRP)
- CAD formats: DWG, DGN and DXF - Requires TwoDC-Teigha library dependency
- ​Proteus XML
- iModel: .bim
- Image formats: SVG, JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, WEBP, and BMP
- Videos formats: MP4 and WEBM


  • TwoDC is a lightweight and fast library that can run on any modern browser without any plugins or dependencies.
  • TwoDC supports multiple document formats and can handle complex and large files with high performance and quality.
  • It is fully touch compatible and supporting various touch gestures.
  • TwoDC offers a rich set of tools and options for interacting with the documents, such as selecting, zooming, panning, annotating, printing and exporting.
  • TwoDC can also easily integrate with other libraries and frameworks, such as React, Angular, Vue or with just Vanilla javascript.

Currently, there are 2 versions of TwoDC:

graph TB
A[TwoDC] --> B(Visualizer)
A --> C(Redlining)

Visualizer mode lets you view your documents with high quality and smooth performance. You can zoom in and out, pan around, rotate and flip your documents with ease.

Redlining mode allows you to annotate your documents with various tools, such as rectangle, line, cloud, text and ellipse. You can also use the AI based markup tool that recognizes hand drawn shapes and places an appropriate markup for them. You can comment on your annotations and collaborate with others on the same document

TwoDC also has a handy minimap or birdview feature that shows you the entire document in a small window. You can use it to navigate to different parts of the document quickly and conveniently. TwoDC also has a detailed api that you can use to interact and subscribe to the events of the control programmatically. You can customize your TwoDC experience to suit your needs and preferences.


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