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Why do I need to email someone for API access?

We are actively exploring more efficient methods for granting access to the Carbon Footprint Indicator for Transportation API. The email-based process is a temporary measure to ensure access while we develop a superior solution.

GLEC is the current standard, but there will be a new standard in the EU based on ISO 14083 / ISAE3000. Therefore, it will be important to meet these standards as well. Reason is that in the EU, companies will need to pay tax on CO2 starting in 2025 or so (the timeline is different per country). The tools to calculate CO2 emissions will need to be certified for this to occur. Is that correct?

Nope! New ISO Standard: ISO 14083 “Quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions of transport operations.” The intention is that the principles and methodology for freight transport will be based on, and consistent with, the GLEC Framework.

Once in place the new ISO Standard is expected to align with Smart Freight Centre's in conformance with the GLEC Framework’ accreditation of programs and tools. This means that companies currently using accredited programs and tools won’t need to make changes in 2022.

See also: documentation on ISO 14083

What input parameters do I have to provide for a successful API call?

From / To: zip code, city, country, coordinates Mode of transport for the main haul Weight Date

Why do I have to provide you the coordinates myself? Can SDL not cover it?

Currently, geocoding is not included in the service by default. There are two reasons for this:

  1. CO2 API can be offered at a lower price without the geocoding
  2. Geocoding is a commodity. Some customers already have integrated this from 3rd party providers. They can use these services.

In case, a customer needs to have coordinates included, this can be offered at additional cost. Going forward, we are looking into integrated low cost options for the geocoding service.


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