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Submit for a decision

Once you have created the proposal you can submit it for a credit decision. For this to happen all the pre-conditions have to be fulfilled

Decision pre-check (optional)

This allows you to check that all pre-conditions have been fulfilled and that you are able to submit for a credit decision

If allowed, you will see 'requestAllowed: true'. If not the response will highlight what is wrong

  "requestAllowed": true,
  "cancelAllowed": true,
  "preconditionViolations": [
      "code": "string",
      "userMessage": "string"

If the requestAllowed is false, please check your proposal creation set up, or correct the violations and try again

Submit for decision

If you have had a positive result to the pre-check response (optional) above, or are confident that what you have created is correct, you may submit it for a credit decision.

  "commentToRiskAnalyst": "string",
  "siemensMayContactCustomer": true,
  "siemensMayRequestCreditData": true,
  "prelease": true
Name Type Required Description
commentToRiskAnalyst string false Optional comment to the underwriter
siemensMayContactCustomer boolean false TODO
siemensMayRequestCreditData boolean false TODO
prelease boolean false TODO

A successful response will include the entire proposal object, including a decision object:

  "decision": {
    "decisionStatus": "NOT_AVAILABLE",
    "decisionRequestedDate": "2023-06-15T10:14:03.968Z",
    "decisionDate": "2023-06-15T10:14:03.968Z",
    "decisionValidUntilDate": "2023-06-15T10:14:03.968Z",
    "comment": "string",
    "condition": "string",
    "reason": "string",
    "commentToRiskAnalyst": "string",
    "siemensMayContactCustomer": true

Decision statuses

The credit decision status can be one of the following:

Label Description
PENDING The proposal has been sent for manual underwriting
ACCEPTED The proposal has been accepted
DECLINED The proposal has been declined
MORE_INFORMATION_REQUIRED More information is needed to progress


  • The credit decision status is not the same as the proposal status


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